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“Why should our pets be exempt from getting a varied, high quality diet just like we do?...”
So in 2012 PurePetFood was born in the Yorkshire, United Kingdom,.
After months of development, consultation with expert nutritionists and veterinarians, the first boxes of Chicken Delicious, Duck Delight and Vegi Plus recipe were made.
Their incredible first year was topped off  by winning the Pet Product Innovation of the Year award through world renowned industry body Pet Quip.
Today PurePetFood are proud to be certified by both the human and animal food authority, whilst also approved “not tested on animals” by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
“Pure is made with nothing but fresh and raw ingredients made in our very own human grade food facility in the UK, prepared with a gentle method called dehydration. Retaining our recipes nutrients without the need for harsh cooking procedures.
The big difference with Pure is that we prepare all of our meals with DEHYDRATION. Although a much longer process than making a dry or wet dog food, we believe it’s time well spent and the only option to do our ingredients justice.
Our fresh fruit and vegetables are carefully prepared, before they are slowly dehydrated between 60 and 90C. The simple process of removing the moisture means Pure is around four times as dense in nutrients, vitamins and minerals as you would find in fresh fruit and veg. Our dehydrated meats are lightly heated at around 90c, just enough to remove any harmful pathogens whilst preserving the nutrients without the need for harsh cooking processes. They are then carefully dehydrated to remove the moisture, leaving the meat you find in Pure packed with almost 300% more protein than you would find in fresh meat.
Our freeze dried meaty chunks are simply frozen straight from raw.

Rehydrating Pure leaves it looking, smelling and tasting like a fresh homemade meal.


Scoops of Pure: 1 scoop = 30g dehydrated Pure food
Scoops of Water: 1 scoop = 60ml warm tap water

For every full level scoop of food served, we advise adding one to one and a half level scoops of warm tap water. So for example 4 level scoops of dehydrated Pure food would need 4-6 level scoops of water adding, before stirring well and allowing 10-15 minutes to rehydrate. After adding the recommended level scoops shown, stir well and allow at least 10 minutes for Pure to rehydrate.

• Mix food with warm tap water
• Stir well, allow 10 to 15 minutes for the food to rehydrate
• Serve!

After the required 10 minutes feel free to leave the food for longer to create a drier consistency, or add more water for a wetter consistency to suit your dog's preference. We suggest splitting the above amount into two daily meals.
We do hope your dog happily switches to his healthy new dehydrated diet!”

So, how do I swap my dog over to Pure?
“If your dog is swapping from a dry biscuit or a tinned food, we always recommend that Pure is slowly introduced into current meals, starting with as little as half a scoop and slowly increasing each day. Each dog is unique, so the speed at which they will adapt to eating a different diet will vary. If your dog is already fed a fresh, raw or home prepared diet they will often transition to Pure much faster. When feeding Pure remember to add at least the recommended amount of water and rehydrate for a minimum of 15 minutes.
For every full level scoop of food served, we advise adding one to one and a half level scoops of warm tap water. So for example 4 level scoops of dehydrated Pure food would need 4-6 level scoops of water adding, before stirring well and allowing 10-15 minutes to rehydrate.”

Is it OK to mix between your different recipes?
“As Pure rehydrates into fresh food there is absolutely no harm in switching between our different recipes. In fact this is a great way to keep your dogs interested in their healthy Pure diet. Providing varied and balanced meals will do them a world of good!”

What quality ingredients are used in making Pure?
“We make Pure from 100% human quality ingredients. The standards in making Pure are so high in fact that we are regulated by both the human and the animal food authorities.”

Where is Pure manufactured?
“We are proud to say we are one of only a handful of dog food companies in the UK who manufacture their own products in house, allowing us to ensure that our exacting standards are consistently met. Our human grade food facility is based in Yorkshire, where we make all of our complete, mixer and treat recipes.”

How much meat is in Pure?
“The meat in our food is gently dehydrated to remove the moisture so weighs around four times less than fresh meat. This means every 100g of our Chicken Delicious recipe for example contains around 160g of fresh meat, making our meals equivalent to a dry dog food with around a 70-80% meat content, when compared on a dry matter basis.”

What about the welfare of the animals involved?
“We are able to track the source of all of the meat used in Pure, which comes only from fully regulated farms. The farms we source from ensure high standards are met in considering the welfare of the animals. None of our meat comes from animals which are reared in battery or individual cages, ensuring the animal is properly protected and where the perch, bathing area and stocking density is appropriate for their needs, preventing suffering and allowing the animals the opportunity to behave naturally.”

Do I need to add vitamins or other supplements?
“Pure's complete recipes are balanced meals and contain an added vitamin and mineral premix providing nutrients essential to healthy bones, blood and overall development. You can however add your own raw meaty treats and uncooked bones if you are feeling kind!”

What do you do to control the quality of your products?
“We require certification that every lot of raw ingredients we buy, has been tested clear of salmonella, E-coli, enterobacteriaceae, yeasts and moulds before it even enters our production plant. Our human food facility works stringently to approved HACCP (Hazard-Analysis and Control of Critical Points) and quality control guidelines. We have also been successfully audited to SALSA standard by experienced food safety experts, requiring that we meet both the legal requirements and best practice for producing human quality food. Our finished products are then routinely tested clear of both salmonella and enterobacteriaceae to ensure the highest possible standards before our food is delivered.”