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“…Perros Life is a workshop that draws its inspiration from dogs world, improving what needs to be improved and proposing new solutions to meet all desires. The company was established in January 2008, starting from the interdisciplinary collaboration with several skilled people working in cynophilia (leash designers and producers, veterinarians, dog trainers and passionate people). This collaboration led to some important results and we’re deeply convinced that they will meet your approval.
Our efforts in order to develop a line of technical, dynamic and reliable leashes – especially concerning our dog harnesses – results from the need of a more balanced life together with our four-legged friends.
While designing our dog harnesses, we focussed our attention on the need of a quick and simple insertion, that will help to avoid handling the dog’s paws, as it can sometimes represent an important problem (e.g.: in the case of an old dog).
A simple usage for the master but also a great reliability and  comfort for the dog are the two key elements that drove the development of our projects.
Our products can perfectly combine the comfort for the dog but also for its master.
Raw materials and finishing processes used for our items (collars, leashes, harnesses, etc.) respect specific technical requirements, especially concerning resistance and comfort. Every item followed design and realisation processes focussed on the elimination of annoying itching or rubbing.
At last, a complete line of high quality harnesses, leashes and collars that can transform cynophilia into something available for everyone...”

H style harness by Perros Life, made of nylon ribbon, is perfect to manage a dog pulling on the leash. It’s an evolution of the classic H style harness (also known as Swedish harness) and it embraces the most important and peculiar characteristics of all dog harnesses. Two latches in the rear part of the harness will help to avoid handling the dog’s paws, moreover five set points assure the perfect fit for dogs of all sizes. One of the most important characteristics concerns the backward position of the ring into which the carabiner must be hooked. This particular position allows the force exerted by the dog – during the pulling phase – to destabilize his barycentre and to avoid the application of all the tension on the hindquarters.
This harness is highly recommended for dogs excessively pulling on the leash.