About Us

Since I was a little girl I had great love for animals and I have been cultivating it by reading, inquiring and when possible, living with a dog or a cat.
About ten years ago my family finally grew, we adopted one more cat and three dogs - whom you can see pictures below and in the site - who joined home Peperina, the oldest of the group.

The idea of Medog was born in 2015 and it materialized in May 2016, when I finally could throw myself headstrong into this new adventure by opening a small petshop in Sorengo, near Lugano, Tessin.
The creation of this website is the natural consequence of this project. In fact, I want to give the chance to those who cannot come to know me personally, to be able to browse through our products and perhaps find what they have been looking for in a long time.

My love for animals, my education and passion for research led me to seek and always propose new articles that are cheerful, colorful and that can give a touch of liveliness more than what you can usually find in other petshops.
My essential philosophy is based on respect, ethics and animal welfare. For this reason you will also find here funny articles, but never products that humanize the dog or the cat, or that humiliate their nature.

A Medog feature is the quality of its products, that I choose for you as if I had chosen them for my dogs and my cats. Most of them have been already “tested” and appreciated by my pack.
Some of our items will always be different, to guarantee to fit the different personalities of my furry clients.

I can boast, and I say this with pride, a great familiar relationship with my clients, who often become friends. Thanks to their / your suggestions I will try to meet your needs and your requests.
I care about your four-legged friends in the same way that I care about mine, and I share with you the aim to make their lives, and our life with them, ever so happy……

Peperina, a european tricolor cat, is the old lady of the family. She was born in 2001, she is moody and independent, she was adopted when she was a kitten. Now she only likes to eat and sleep and she doesn’t like to be manipulated.

Tiffany is a european smoke cat, she arrived after Peperina. She was born in 2008, she is loving and playful. She was adopted from a cat shelter near Varese, Italy. She likes to stay outside all day, exploring and hunting.

Minnie, mix pincher, 5 kilos, was born approximately in 2009 and she was adopted from a dog shelter in Varese but she is from Salerno, Southern Italy. She was abused when she was a puppy, she is hyperactive, careful and very smart. She likes to have everything under her control at home.

Lulù, mix pincher, 7 kilos, was born approximately in 2008, she is adorable and fearful. She was adopted from a private dog shelter near Latina, Central Italy. She had a long trip to come home with us, she was a stray dog and now she always needs human interaction.

Yana is a Russkiy Toy Terrier, she was born in 2013. She had been bought in Russia, she changed two families here in Tessin before finally arriving to us. She is very feisty despite her small size, 3 kilos. She has problems with her hind legs and in a short time of being with us she has managed to take over the pack.